Ingress Badges
Badges will soon be coming to ingress. For a short time, data on each agent's achievements was publicly available as JSON data from This site was created to display that data in a meaningful way. Unfortunately, that site has since been shut down. However, the information gained from it may still be useful to see what is coming soon in Ingress.
Provides an overview of what badges are available and what levels are required to achieve each badge.
Displays the output of the original version of this site for a fake sample agent.
Displays the raw JSON data used for the fake sample agent above.
Some users were able to retain cached or saved copies of either their raw JSON data or the output of this tool for their username. I have been able to use this to recreate the output for them. If you have a saved copy of either the raw data or the output from this tool and would like me to recreate the output for you, please email me at [NO LONGER AVAILABLE] and I will enable it for you. Once this is done, you can enter your username in the box below to view your badges (just as you could when the live data was still available).
Ingress Agent:

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